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Who we are - Valley Shine Distillery

Who we are.Valley Shine Distillery

Valley Shine Distillery is a premier boutique distillery nestled in the foot hills of the Cascade Mountains. Our unique Mount Vernon Washington location is a convenient and scenic drive from Seattle or Vancouver BC. Our craft distillery offers visitors valley and mountain views while they sit on the patio and enjoy the bonfire or the peaceful atmosphere. Our flavor and quality are second to none.

What we do - Valley Shine Distillery

What we do.Produce top quality liqueurs & spirits

Valley Shine Distillery offers a range of products that can cater to just about everyone's taste. We offer Ascension Vodka, Red X Gin, Benjamin's Bourbon, Limoncello, Spider Bite black licorice liqueur, and Bonfire Toffee liqueur. All of these products are made with quality in our minds and pride in our hearts. We are proud of our spirits and enjoy sharing them with visitors and customers.

Our Facility - Valley Shine Distillery

Our facility.Come and take a tour

Tours of the facility are offered and product samplings are conducted as part of the tour. We prefer product samplings over spirits tastings. During a "sampling" the distiller will pull a small amount of the spirit from the storage container, taste it and determine if it needs more time or ingredients. This experience is unique in nature and is rarely offered by other distilleries.

With roots dating all the way back to the prohibition era, Valley Shine Distillery is immersed in tradition. Our founder, the grandson of an alleged bootlegger with ties to Al Capone, grew up on stories of how American ingenuity and tradition were worth fighting for. Come see how we infuse modern technology with old traditions.

Our Products

Valley Shine Distillery
Ascension Vodka Label
Ascension Vodka Bottle

Ascension Vodka

Pure, Refined and Top Shelf are just a few words that are used to describe our premium Vodka. The finest American grains, exceptionally pure Cascade mountain water, and our unique natural filtering process provide Valley Shine's Ascension Vodka with a smoothness and drinkability that you will have to taste to believe.

Benjamins Bourbon Label
Benjamins Bourbon Bottle

Benjamin's Bourbon

Benjamin's Bourbon is inherently All American, from the premium grains and oak barrels to the men who made it. This Bourbon represents American ingenuity at it finest. Bold oak flavors and an intriguing smooth finish put this Bourbon not only on the top shelf, but also on the top of every man's wish list. We encourage you to pick up a bottle of Benjamin's Bourbon and enjoy a little piece of authentic American heritage one sip at a time.

Bonfire Label
Bonfire Bottle


This premium Toffee liqueur is best served around a crackling fire, in fact it is known for being passed around a bonfire on a warm summer evening, and for warming the insides on a snowy day. Bonfire displays smooth flavors and provides a sweet warmth all the way through the finish. This dream team of features is sure to make any crackling fire more enjoyable.

Limoncello Label
Limoncello Bottle


Three letters explain this Limoncello, FUN. Limoncello is a lemon flavored liqueur that is great to drink by it's self or use as your favorite mixer. Simply add a splash of soda or 7up to bring out its bubbly personality. This Limoncello is sure to put a summer smile on your face no matter what time of year it is. Try a bottle and see what everyone is talking about.

Redx Gin Label
Redx Gin Bottle

Red X Gin

Red X Gin is distilled 7 times for exceptional purity and premium flavor. Our process is lengthy but the results are clearly worth the time. It is distilled through only the finest botanicals available guaranteeing bountiful flavors and inviting aromas. After one taste of Red X Gin you will understand we take the time to perfect our craft and produce a top shelf gin.

Revolution Rum Label
Revolution Rum Bottle

Revolution Rum

Revolution Rum will inspire your faith in an American finished rum. This rum is aged in old Bourbon barrels providing it with a unique flavor profile. Hints of Vanilla will intrigue your pallet upon tasting this versatile and exquisite rum. Just adding Revolution Rum to your favorite rum cocktail will put a smile on your face year round.

Spider Bite Label
Spider Bite Bottle

Spider Bite

If you like black licorice you will love this liqueur. Only the finest and purest spirits go into making this liqueur. The focus of Spider Bite was to create a top shelf liqueur that could be enjoyed in any atmosphere. Whether your sipping a small glass after dinner or enjoying shots at the bar with friends this 60proof premium liqueur will fit right in.

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Valley Shine Distillery

Tours & Events

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Tasting & Tour

Carlton Farms Brew Fest


Cocktail Glass

Valley Shine Italian Lemonade

1.5 oz Valley Shine Limoncello
.75 oz Vanilla Syrup
.25 Lemon Squeezed
1 oz Cream
Add ingredients over ice and top with club soda
Spider Bite

Black Widow

Spider Bite
1.5 oz Valley Shine Spider Bite Liqueur
2 oz Orange Juice
2 oz Cranberry Juice
Mix in glass over ice with a splash of Grenadine

Bonfire Martini

1.5 oz Valley Shine Bonfire Liqueur
.75 oz Valley Shine Ascension Vodka
.5 oz Vanilla Syrup
.5 oz Toasted Marshmallow Syrup
3 oz Milk or like substitute
Shake ingredients over ice, strain into glass and add 2 oz of club soda, stir and enjoy

Valley Shine Limoncello Drop (shot)

1 oz Valley Shine Limoncello
.5 oz Valley Shine Ascension Vodka
Squeeze of Fresh Lemon
Sugar Rim
Valley Shine Distillery

Valley Shine Distillery

Very rarely can a drink be classy and enjoyable, yet still tasty and smooth.

Come enjoy a drink with us

and see what you've been missing!

FUN, with a splash of SOPHISTICATION

Where to Buy

Where to find our products.

Where to get a drink

3729 Meridian St.
Bellingham, WA
(360) 733-3450

14779 State Route 9
Mount Vernon, WA
(360) 424-7872
3701 116th ST NE
Marysville, WA
(360) 322-7088

344 Silica Road NW
Quincy, WA
(509) 785-5132
3056 Chuckanut Drive
Bow, WA
(360) 766-6191
1327 N State St
Bellingham, WA
(360) 927-7888

403 Madison Ave South
Bainbridge Island, WA
(206) 842-8339

4800 Eaglemont Drive
Mount Vernon, WA
(360) 424-0800

Where to get a bottle

1930 Market Street
Mount Vernon, WA
(360) 416-7061

3115 Old Fairhaven Pkwy
Bellingham, WA
(360) 756-5850
9824 Lake City Way
Seattle, WA
(206) 522-5899
1175 Gillman Blvd
Issaquah, WA
(425) 313-1817

14286 169th Dr. SE
Monroe, WA
(360) 863-3893

1120 NW 85th St
Seattle, WA
(206) 708-6156

115 N. Granite Ave
Granite Falls, WA
(360) 691-6733

2900 Woburn
Bellingham, WA
(206) 708-6156

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