5 Reasons Bourbon is Better Than Scotch

5 Reasons Bourbon is Better Than Scotch
1.  Bourbon is made in the United States of America; Scotch is not.  Enough said.

2. Bourbon is carefully aged in NEW charred American oak barrels for a variety of years.  When the Bourbon is finished to perfection, guess where the used, empty barrels go?  Yup, they go to Scotland so they can put Scotch in them.  Does anyone really want to be second on purpose?  We can only assume they are hoping the amazing Bourbon flavors seep into their product. 

3.  Bourbon relies on corn and vast fields of grain to create an amazing flavor profile; Scotch relies on dirt.  Seriously, peat or peat moss is used to give Scotch its flavor profile.  Peat is decaying plant fiber that is sometimes centuries old and is typically found in bogs.  I'll stick to the amber waves of grain, and stay away from the mud for my next cocktail. 

4. The aroma and taste of a perfectly aged Bourbon straight up or on the rocks, is truly second to none.  Bourbon is perfect for anyone.  From the hardworking man to the idle politician, everyone can enjoy.  Scotch still smells like dirt. 

5.  It's all in the name.  Bourbon is classy and complex.  When you go to the store and ask for Bourbon, the lady behind the counter points you in the direction of a perfect bottle of Benjamin's Bourbon that you are sure to enjoy.  If you were to ask the same person for Scotch, they would more than likely point you in the direction of tape and packing supplies.  I'll stick to sipping a perfect Bourbon, and leave the tape to the pros.
Keep it local, and keep it pure. Drink Bourbon not Scotch, and enjoy life for sure.  Enjoy the ride, Valley Shine Distillery.

*** Benjamin's Bourbon is a product of Valley Shine Distillery, all rights reserved ***

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