Looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life?

Looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life?

Men can be difficult to shop for, especially around the holidays. Giving the gift of an experience is sure to please even the toughest gift recipient.  This 5 step process to the perfect gift is sure to please, and even better you get to spend quality time with your man.  I have made the process very simple, and I ensure you this is a gift every man would love to receive.   

Step One:  Locate a local distillery you think he would like to visit.  Valley Shine Distillery is located in Mount Vernon Washington, which is my personal favorite, and would be a fantastic choice.  If Mount Vernon is outside of your comfortable travel range choose another one that can provides tours, tastings, and makes products he would like. If they make a few you would like as well, even better, most men have a more enjoyable time if their partner is enjoying themselves as well. 

Step Two:  Something for under the tree.  Pick up a bottle of craft spirits made by the distillery you have chosen to visit.  If you go to the distillery to pick up the bottle you can check tasting times and even pick up a logo t-shirt in addition to the bottle of booze.  Both of these things wrap nicely and will give him something to un-wrap.  Everyone likes something to unwrap.  Some distilleries, such as Valley Shine Distillery will arrange a private tasting and tour for the two of you if you feel like planning ahead and desire a more intimate experience.  You can also opt for a group experience, a double date for example.   

Step Three:  Find a way to make sure he knows the gift is more than a bottle of craft spirits and a T-shirt.  Let him know you have arranged a private tour and tasting at the distillery especially for him.  He will be able to see how the bottle of sprits he is about to enjoy was made and even share a cocktail with the distiller (depending on the distillery chosen to visit).  Most men will find the process of manufacturing alcohol fascinating and will not only be excited to crack open the bottle you put under the tree but will look forward to sampling the rest of the product line offered by the distillery of choice.

Step Four: Choose a restaurant he would like to visit either before or after the distillery tour and tasting. This is a fantastic way to increase the experience and make sure no one gets angry because they are hungry.  We definitely want everyone in a good mood for the experience.    

Step Five:  Plan, coordinate, and fund the entire Experience.  This is the most important part of the entire gift.  Men don't want to have to think and make decisions all the time.  If the special someone in his life took the time to plan, coordinate and fund an entire day, there is a chance he could possibly be the happiest man on the planet for at least that day.  This needs to be a complete process though ladies.  Make sure you pre select the distillery to visit, pre coordinate the tasting time and location, choose the restaurant ahead of time, decide on transportation, and take care of the expenses associated with the experience, after all this is a gift from you to him. 

If you follow these 5 steps you will have given the man in your life one of the best gifts he will get this year, other than you of course.  I look forward to seeing some of you at Valley Shine Distillery with the man in your life smiling ear to ear.  Happy Holidays and give an experience this year, hand made in America. If you have questions or would like assistance planning this perfect gift please call Valley Shine Distillery, I would be happy to help.              

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