10 reasons people drink more during the holidays

10 reasons people drink more during the holidays

As a craft distillery, I see a definite increase in sales during the last two months of the year.  With so many holidays falling in November and December, we can assume a direct correlation between the two.  Why is this?  Below are 10 reasons why people are drinking more during the holiday season than any other time of the year. 

  1. Christmas Lights:  Always tangled and always ridiculous.  This holiday tradition takes enormous patience and several Bonfire shots to get through the process.  The weather is always terrible and the task will certainly take way longer than you had hoped.  You will have to check every bulb just to find the one that is making 20 others down the line not work.  The most joy in the entire ordeal is knowing your lights look better than your neighbors, this is dependent on just how many Bonfire shots you had of course.  
  2. Kids are Home from School:  Everyone loves their kids, I think legally they have to, but it seems like during the holidays they are always around and louder than normal.  The excessive noise and complaining will force you to bump the clock up 20 minutes just so it hits noon that much sooner.  You know if you wait until noon to start drinking you will avoid the judgmental looks from the relatives joining YOU, IN YOUR HOME, for the holidays.   
  3. Travel Delays and Traffic:  Traveling is always worse around the holidays, whether you are next to the lady trying to bring three cats on the plane or behind the guy going 25 in a 55 just to avoid as much time with the in-laws as possible, your patience will surely be tested.  Knowing there is a cocktail with your name on it at your destination always eases the pain of holiday travel. 
  4. Wedding Proposals and Engagement Announcements:  Whether you are the one celebrating the glorious event or the one drinking to forget that you have gone yet another year alone, a drink seems to fit the occasion perfectly.  It doesn't matter if you are the subject of envy or the envious one you will not be immune to the random comments by friends and family.  Questions for the bride to be will include When's the wedding?, Are you sure you should wear a white dress?, Are you really going to invite his family?, I thought you would have married that doctor from college.  Questions for the sister not getting married will surely include When's it your turn?, You should get another cat, There is this "NICE" guy at work I could set you up with.  Either way you are going to be begging for a  cocktail once the bombardment of questions and judgments begin coming down upon you.  Yes it is nice to have your entire family present when you make your announcement but ask your self, is it really? Celebrate or sorrow, a good cocktail today means a better tomorrow. 
  5. Holiday Shopping:  Huge crowds, fights on Black Friday, online merchant issues with no sales support agents in this country, 45min hold times, sales that aren't really sales, what else screams I want a good cocktail? 
  6. Football:  The playoff picture is shaping up and the bowl games are in full swing.  Whether you are celebrating your teams victory with a bottle of Spider Bite or drowning your sorrows, football almost literally means booze in any language.  I almost forgot to bring up the Turkey Bowl that you and your middle aged friends attempt.  Just because you all used to play football in high school doesn't mean you can still perform at a high level without consequences.  Not one person who participates will physically be able to get off the couch for several days due to injuries.  Ladies, don't be fooled this is done on purpose, some of the best football is played over the Thanksgiving weekend, the couch is exactly where your man wants to be. 
  7. Corporate Parties:  You see these people everyday for at least 8 hours, many of them you can hardly stand on a professional level and now you have to force yourself to interact with them on a personal level, yikes.  It seems like someone always drinks way too much and creates a scene, which is awesome at the time, but you can't mention it at work for fear of HR.  Jim the 24 year old intern will get caught with Julie his pushing 50 superior, what do you mean I can't talk about it, hand me another cocktail please. 
  8. Excessive Cooking:  More home cooked meals are prepared around the holidays than any other time of year.  Liquor will certainly enhance the meal, whether it accents the perfectly prepared roast or helps you choke down the dried out turkey, you will be glad you had the perfect cocktail in your hand.
  9. New Years Parties:  Ladies the pressure is on to find that Mr. Right or at least Mr. Right now before midnight.  A little liquor tune up usually helps loosen up the dance moves as well as the standards, both of which make it easier to find that kiss before midnight. 
  10. Relatives:  I don't have to say much about this topic for everyone to understand.  Everyone has a holiday story that either made you want to drink or came about because someone was drinking too much.  Good booze is all part of the holiday fun and festivities, Valley Shine Distillery can play an essential role in holiday fun and survival. Enjoy the holidays and above all enjoy family. 

These are just a few reasons why people may drink more during the holidays, please share your ideas with us, they might make next year's list. 

Happy Holidays from Valley Shine Distillery.          

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