​3 Best Winter Cocktails for Entertaining your Guests

​3 Best Winter Cocktails for Entertaining your Guests

Don't stress over what to serve your guests or family the next time you have a get together.  Valley Shine Distillery has just the cocktails to keep the party going and you feeling good.

1. HOT BUTTERED RUM - This cocktail is perfect for everyone.  What makes this cocktail perfect is the blend of Revolution Rum and homemade Hot Buttered Mix.  Nothing says Happy Holidays more than a hot beverage on a cold day. For those looking for a non-alcoholic version just add hot water to the amazing hot buttered mix for a warm night cap!

2.  BONFIRE MARTINI - The perfect balance of sweet and savory.  Have a hard to please relative or friend - this cocktail will win them over and have them begging for more, enough said (visit Valley Shine Distillery recipe page for the full recipe).

3.  VALLEY SHINE ITALIAN LEMONAIDE - For a little slice of summer in the cold winter months, this cocktail is sure to warm you up inside and make you forget about how cold it is outside.  Pick up a bottle of Valley Shine's Limoncello and have a slice of summer in the winter.

Visit the recipes tab for these and many more cocktails to make your entertaining flawless, and your guests wondering where you got that amazing recipe from.

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