5 craft spirit shots for your next Seahawks party

5 craft spirit shots for your next Seahawks party

For all of you football lovers out there who enjoy watching the games each week in the comfort of your home with a few friends, this article is for you. Instead of the regular Fireball or Jagermeister shots (or pulls from the bottle) every time your team gets a touchdown, reach for that bottle of craft spirits for some shots and you'll feel a hell of a lot better come Monday!  Since craft spirits are more pure than the big brands they won't leave you hungover the next day. Now that we're almost into playoff mode it is most important to have easy shots at your finger tips so you don't miss a moment of the game. Here are our top 5 choices that will keep the football party going and you going the next day!

1. ASCENSION BOMB - With a little Ascension Vodka and Red Bull, this shot is sure to keep your energy up and you alert to catch all the on and off screen action. Because let's face it a football party during the payoffs always gets a little entertaining.  1 oz Ascension Vodka, 3 oz Red Bull, splash of grenadine 

2.  X TOM KAZI - For those gin lovers out there this ones for you, simple yet sophisticated (and gets the job done)! All you need for this one is 1 oz of Red X Gin, squeeze of lemon and a splash of triple sec. From there you are guaranteed to sit back and watch  the fun unfold. 

3.  LIMONCELLO SHOT - Here's one that your lady will enjoy. This will keep her drinking, even if your teams loosing! Hell she might even drink one of these every time there's a completed pass these are so good. 1 oz of Limoncello, .5 oz Ascension Vodka and a squeeze of lemon (sugar rim if she wants to get fancy). 

4. SPIDER BITE SHOT - This new shot will quickly become your favorite over Jägermeister. It's actually good, doesn't taste like cough syrup and won't leave you feeling like absolute crap the next day. Spider Bite can be poured into shot glasses or drank from the bottle. Every party needs a bottle of Spider Bite to be passed around!

5.  BENJAMIN'S BOURBON SHOT - Enough said. Grab a bottle of Benjamin's Bourbon for your next football party and pass it around. It's so good that the bottle may be gone before it makes a second round! All that means is you should buy more than one to ensure you have enough to make it to at least half time!

Now that we have shared our top 5 favorite craft shots with you, you know what to pick up for your next football party. Remember that craft shots and cocktails make your party amazing and you feel better the next day!   

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