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Benjamin's Bourbon is inherently All American, from the premium grains and oak barrels to the men who made it. This Bourbon represents American ingenuity at it finest. Bold oak flavors and an intriguing smooth finish put this Bourbon not only on the top shelf, but also on the top of every man's wish list. We encourage you to pick up a bottle of Benjamin's Bourbon and enjoy a little piece of authentic American heritage one sip at a time.

Whiskey classifications are about as numerous as professional football teams and just as diverse. Sure they all similar in nature but some are definitely better than others, some struggle to gain fans and some are the envy of the entire league. Bourbon is certainly the type of whiskey that wins it all year after year and holds the most prestigious classification in the whiskey family. Extremely strict criteria must be followed to produce Bourbon; for example Bourbon has to be made in the United States of America, the recipe must contain at least 51% corn, and it has to be aged in NEW charred oak barrels. You may have missed the new barrel part but this is paramount, the barrel can only be used once to produce bourbon which significantly adds to the cost but also increases the flavor profile. Believe it or not used bourbon barrels are purchased to age many other types of whiskey; the hope is to pull some of the bourbon flavors into other whiskey classifications. To elevate Benjamin's Bourbon to elite status Valley Shine Distillery ages their bourbon for at least 2 years in large 53 gallon barrels allowing them to classify Benjamin's Bourbon as "Straight Bourbon Whiskey". It doesn't get any better than that.

Abundant flavor and surprising smoothness surround your palate when take a sip of Benjamin's Bourbon for the first time. The oak flavors bring out hints of vanilla and spice while the primary ingredient, corn, brings just the right amount and sweetness to finish it off. Valley Shine Distillery's unique filtering process is much less invasive than commercial distilleries providing Benjamin's Bourbon with much more flavor, depth and character. This bourbon is amazing straight up or on the rocks, which ever you prefer. Manhattans have never been better with Benjamin's Bourbon and if you're looking for a simple cocktail just add a little ginger ale to your glass of bourbon along with a Bing cherry to top it off, truly amazing.

However you choose to enjoy Benjamin's Bourbon remember this is a truly American product. Not only is the bourbon produced domestically, Valley Shine Distillery goes out of their way to make sure all of the ingredients, the ageing barrel, the bottle, the label, and of course all the man power required to make Benjamin's Bourbon are all from right here in the great United States of America. This is certainly an all American Product, so get back to you roots and pick up a bottle of American ingenuity at its best. Enjoy a bottle of Benjamin's Bourbon today and see why it is tough to keep it on the shelves.