Limoncello Label

Three letters explain this Limoncello, FUN. Limoncello is a lemon flavored liqueur that is great to drink by it's self or use as your favorite mixer. Simply add a splash of soda or 7up to bring out its bubbly personality. This Limoncello is sure to put a summer smile on your face no matter what time of year it is. Try a bottle and see what everyone is talking about.

Seattle International Spirits Awards - Won Gold: Best in Category

There are many facets to creating products that are bold enough to fall under the Valley Shine Distillery brand. Limoncello is no different. The journey to create the best Limoncello around begins deep in the Lemon groves of Southern California. It can be argued that the best lemons in the world are grown in the San Juaquin Valley, the warm weather and countless days of glorious sunshine provide ideal conditions for lemons to flourish. In choosing these regions we hand pick only the best organic lemons at the peak of perfection to ensure a sweet and all natural flavor for our Limoncello. Exceptional lemons are only one aspect of the perfect Lemoncello however.

Golden American Grains grown in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington are selected and used to make Valley Shine Distillery's extremely pure grain spirit. This grain spirit is distilled 6 times for purity and perfection and care is taken to make sure it reaches at least 190 proof which eliminates impurities and off flavors. It is hard work and takes a lot of skill to create such a pure and clean spirit but once it has been achieved, a true work of art has been created. Now that most of the ingredients needed to make an exceptional Limoncello have been created they are carefully blended and infused together.

Valley Shine Distillery begins the Lemoncello process by taking their 6 times distilled pure grain spirt and blends it with purified Cascade Mountain water and just the right amount of raw sugar for optimal sweetness. This in essence creates the perfect liqueur for accepting the perfect lemons. The essential oils from the organic lemons are then extracted and infused into the liqueur. The essential oils are used in order to lower the acidity level and make the Limoncello easier to drink than other Limoncello's at your local store or bar. Using essential oils increases the cost but provides a flavor profile that is currently unmatched in the market today. If the handpicked San Juaquin Valley lemons, exceptional 6 times distilled pure grain spirit, crystal clean Cascade Mountain water, and the essential oil infusion weren't enough Valley Shine Distillery goes one step further and adds strands of saffron to their recipe. According to the founder and head distiller "in order to be worthy of the Valley Shine Distillery label our Lemoncello needed an additional touch of elegance and uniqueness", this was definitely achieved with the addition of saffron to the recipe. What does the saffron do you ask; well you will have to try this exceptional Limoncello liqueur and discover elegant perfection for yourself.